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ter·​ra (noun): of the earth

form (noun): configuration, manifestation

edit·ing (verb): to prepare for publication


Developmental Editing

You've either completed a draft or are in the process of writing. Developmental Editing can involve transforming your ideas into a completed work, whether your end goal is a book, essay, article, pitch, or report. Whether your draft is complete or not, Developmental Editing includes rearranging sections and chapters, trimming the fat, and filling in the gaps. I'll provide meta-level guidance while helping you straighten out the details.

As your Developmental Editor, I will tailor my services to match the needs of your work. They may include research, rewriting, restructuring, and line editing. I will assess your manuscript and explain the steps I will be taking before guiding you through the process.

My insight, experience, and intuition will support this critical stage of honing and finessing your story. 

Pricing is subject to a sample review. 

Formatting in Google Docs, Microsoft Word doc, docx or PDF

What you get 

Developmental Editing provides process-focused edits that not only create better books. The feedback you will receive as an author has the potential to enhance your writing indefinitely. Think of it like a masterclass tailored to you—Developmental Edits illuminate your strengths and areas for growth. 

You can expect to receive the following

  • Comments and questions throughout the manuscript

  • Marked suggestions for sections to be cut, rearranged, or improved

  • Succinct feedback summaries for each chapter

  • Fact-checking and research-based inquiry as needed

  • A clear and navigable road map for you to improve your book

  • A final follow-up review of your updated manuscript after you have executed revisions

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