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ter·​ra (noun): of the earth

form (noun): configuration, manifestation

edit·ing (verb): to prepare for publication



You've nailed your messaging and overall structure.  Now it's time to focus on readability—we want your readers to be immersed in your storyline and stay on the page.


A line edit corrects and smooths your writing artfully but invisibly, eliminating distractions while retaining your style and narrative voice. Line-editing focuses on your writing at the sentence-level edits to ensure that your writing flows well.

Pricing is subject to a sample review. 

Formatting in Google Docs, Microsoft Word doc, docx or PDF

What you get

A full line-by-line edit for clarity and flow. Suggestions for changes, comments, and questions.

I will address the following: 

  • Chapter sequencing

  • Inconsistencies in style and messaging

  • Sentence pace, rhythm, and flow

  • Awkward or cliché metaphor

  • Effectiveness of sentence narration, sentence choice, repetition, and overwriting.

  • Problematic representation, stereotyping, and othering

  • Told versus shown prose

  • Use of tenses

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