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My work with people like you

I've spent the last four years working with authors, small publishing houses, and businesses to provide edits for every stage of the writing process. 

My clients come from all over the world but they have one thing in common—they want to make their books the best they can be. I help them with that mission and think it's the best job in the world. 

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My favorite part of the editorial process is line editing—I get to stay connected to the big-picture structure while tuning your message and voice at the sentence level. I specialize in nonfiction history, memoir, psychology, spirituality, and science, with experience in fiction YA fiction. I have multiple certificates in editing, including the Intermediate Certificate from ACES, the Society for Editing. 

Organizations I'm committed to

I'm a member of ACES, the Society for Editing, and an affiliate member of IBPA, Independent Book Publishers Association. I am also a member of the Hudson Valley Writers Association and support the New York Writers Institute located in Albany, the capital of New York. 


Some of my background

I received a cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Berkeley after defending and creating a brand-new degree titled “Health, Technology and Modernity.” I also minored in Portuguese and have spent several years living abroad in Brazil. Since then, I've traveled through multiple continents and US states.

Where I live

I live with my husband and cat along the Hudson River in Upstate New York. In my spare time, when I'm not editing or reading, I'm with my film camera out in nature, in the garden, or finding a body of water to hang out next to. 



After working with editors from traditional publishing houses, having Terra as my editor was a breath of fresh air. She returned clean, beautiful chapters to me. I couldn’t tell the difference between my original writing and her edits—I just knew my book was better in every way. She didn’t change my voice like other editors tried to do. Instead, she painted a masterful fluidity between the complexity of quantum mechanics and personal stories…which is exactly what my book needed!

Francesco Garripolli, Author and Owner of Alexander Publications

Developmental Edit, Line Edit
Science & Spirituality


After 30 years spent writing 20 books, I hired Terra to edit my two most recent books. I thought they were nearly perfect, but she improved nearly every page. I'm working on another book and will have her edit that one too. Terra's edits are invaluable—they've made me look better as an author.

Richard Alexander, Author and Owner of Alexander Publications

Copyedit & Proofread
Historical Memoir, Self-Help


Terra is a master editor, her work is fast, constructive and to the point. She understands different kinds of copy and works to make them specific to their form. She is nuanced in her understanding of new material, and well versed in the art of life. All of these things make her a great editor. 

Cara Bucciferro, Founder & CEO of Legal Graffiti

Copyedit & Proofread
Newsletters, Web Content


Terra has a rare brand of insightful intelligence. Her ability to delve into the heart of issues made me feel understood. At the same time, she ensured that my books and website's extensive content, spanning many decades, was comprehensive, cohesive, and error-free. Terra is trustworthy, easy to connect with, and adds significant value to any team.

Raul Hernandez, Founder & CEO of Forever Redwood 

Developmental, Line & Copyedit, Proofread
Books, Website


Even though I'm a multi-book author, I was struggling to find the right tone for my new book. Terra Friedman King helped me find my voice and tell my story the right way. Then she cleaned up the entire manuscript and made my book whole. 

Adam Bulbulia, Author

Developmental, Line & Copyedit, Proofread


Terra provides reliable and consistent copy edits and never misses a deadline. She is a prompt, honest communicator and a joy to have on my team.

Rochon Perry, Cedar Grove Publishing
Owner & Founder

Copyedit, Proofread


Terra has helped me stay organized and structured throughout the planning and writing of a massive historical nonfiction book culminating my 3 decades in investigative journalism. I wouldn't have been able to approach my agent without her consistent support and award-worthy organization and executive skills. 

Maria McBride, Author & Journalist

Developmental Edit


Terra knows how to align her editorial style to your specific project—not an easy task. She didn’t just find mistakes, she brought banal, stagnant lines to life. She didn’t phone it in like so many others. Because of Terra’s help, I successfully pitched and sold a project proposal. I highly recommend Terra as an editor. 

Jeff Nichols, Author

Copyedit, Proofread


Terra demonstrated an impressive ability to turn our company’s vague mission statements into a masterpiece employee handbook. Terra has a “big picture” vision that is sharp, detailed, and heartfelt. Her wordsmithing abilities captured our company's essence and thanks to her, our handbook now imbues nitty-gritty procedural details with meaning and purpose. During several feedback sessions, Terra wanted to hear from everyone to ensure that our staff's diverse backgrounds and perspectives were represented. Her approach to fairness made us all feel supported and heard, and her stellar synthesis gave the company the all-encompassing handbook they have been dreaming of for years. I highly recommend Terra’s skills in creative analysis, synthesis, and editing.

Faith Ares, Bridging Worlds

Ghostwriting, Developmental, Line & Copyedit, Proofread
Employee Manual


I was overwhelmed by the idea of fulfilling the wishes of a recently deceased friend. Terra was indispensable to envisioning, creating, and editing her writing complications and creative a cohesive memoir. She brought fresh insight to the content, format, and layout; is agreeable to work with; was prompt in her responses; and diligently kept me on task. I couldn’t have completed this project without her and the outcome greatly exceeds my original expectations. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of creative support, insight, editing, design, layout, and of course, deadlines!

Thomas Hollnd, Owner/Author at Dust House Books

Book Consult; Developmental, Line, Copyedit; Proofread

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