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Sometimes all you need is a proofread. Youve polished every sentence, but need a professional to make sure not a single error remains. Maybe you’re about to publish. Maybe you've already published and received feedback or noticed a glaring typo.  


Proofreading security—it is the final quality-control check to tidy up any problems that have slipped through previous rounds of editing and formatting. It is the last line of defense before you go live.

Pricing is subject to a sample review. 

Formatting in Google Docs, Microsoft Word doc, docx or PDF


A complete word-by-word pre-publishing check.  Your book will be proofread line by line to fix any remaining red flags that could distract your reader. 

The focus will be on the following: 

  • Removing extraneous letter and line spaces

  • Standard and consistent spelling, grammar and punctuation 

  • Standard paragraph indentation 

  • Homophones and homonyms

  • Punctuation and dialogue punctuation

  • Consistency in the design of text and image elements 

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